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We are not only a team of experienced Expert Advisor creators and developers but also dedicated Forex traders for many years. Today we present you a brand new kind of EA where you can choose your own strategies to better suit your trading style and achieve the profit goals you want. It has been strongly proven that Trading Manager Pro meets every trader needs

Boost performance

Provides trading flexibility and advanced safety. Featuring auto trading and semi auto trading with lots of strategies to test and choose from while minimizing any chance of loss with its intelligent back-up strategy system.

Highly customizable

Trading with this tool is as enjoyable as playing a game on your devices plus you can always withdraw your profit.

Simplified workflow

It simplifies your trading experience, you can now sit back and enjoy your coffee and let our professional tool assist in managing your trades

Managing tools

Take advantage of Forex's most profitable systems, and empowers your trading robustly.

  • One-Click Trading
  • Attractive Interface
  • Semi and Full Automatic Trading
  • Powerful Back-Up Strategies
  • On Chart Setting
  • MTF Price Action and Indicator Filters
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  • Managing tools
  • Panel Chart

    Spend less time worrying about front-end and more focusing on your result and strategy plans.

    • Professional and easy-to-use app
    • A better way to present trading analysis
    • It takes few minutes to setup
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  • Panel Chart
  • Constant Updates

    Our world nature is keep changing in a fast pace so does the Forex market

    • The tools allows you to updates your own strategies
    • Professional MT4 software &, apps
    • Setup and installations takes up to five
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  • Constant Updates
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      Trading Manager Pro on Action

      Update V1.10 (16th May 2017)

      1. Add Live Spread Information on the Chart
      2. Add MACD Indicator Function
      3. Add signal notification with sound and icon on chart
      4. Add signal alert information pop up
      5. Add some money management function and strategy
      6. Bug Fixes

      Update V2.0 (25th July 2017)

      1. New setting with open orders limit/day
      2. Each Indicator and price action signal can be filtered and read from multiple time-frames as various signals and different TF as trader’s needs.
      3. Pop up notification on/off choice

      Update V2.10 (13th February 2018)

      1. Differentiate between first take profit and averaging take profit to potentially let the winners run as pips reaping will be maximized while in back up averaging mode EA will be able to close all trades cumulatively profit in shortest time period.

      Update V2.20 (1th May 2018)

      1. Adding order symbol, lot and profit information available on chart

      Update V2.3 (12th October 2018) – NEWEST

      1. Adding Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit function and button on chart. Take profit stop loss and Backup system will be automatically set by EA according to trader setting.

      Our solutions

      No more wasting money on another EA, we have 1000++ Customizable Strategies


      Signal Accuracy


      Easy to Use


      Customer Service

      Myfxbook – Fully Verified – Default Setting


      Trading Manager Pro EA has the ability to imitate almost all EA’s analysis and strategies both commercial and noncommercial EA’s. Aside from our fully auto default setting, traders are highly flexible to set their own trading strategies with this application software.

      We have included some of the well-known best commercial EAs, DeltonPRO EA, Sniper Suite EA and even Spartan Bolt EA setting for free which are available through purchasing our Platinum Package Plans.

      Our pricing

      $599 /year
      1 Yr License
      1 Live Account
      1 Demo Account
      Full Automatic - Default Setting
      Installation Free Appointment
      24/5 Support Service
      $997 /Lifetime
      1 Live Account
      1 Demo Account
      Full Automatic - Default Setting
      Installation Free Appointment
      24/5 Support Service
      $1599 /Lifetime
      5 Live Accounts
      2 Demo Accounts
      Full Automatic - Default Setting
      Installation Free Appointment
      24/5 Support Service
      2 Bonus Set-files (Deltonpro / Sniper Suite / Spartan Bolt EA)
      Free Lifetime Updates
      $1299 /Lifetime
      3 Live Accounts
      1 Demo Account
      Full Automatic - Default Setting
      Installation Free Appointment
      24/5 Support Service

      50% Discounts Ends in


      I have been running EA's for over two years and Trading Manager Pro is one of the most versatile robots I have trialled to date. It is flexible with managing risk not only with lot size, but the number and configuration of indicators used. And it makes money...consistently, and with relative stability. Of course you can use it either fully or semi automated which is a handy option. Trading Manager Pro is easy to install and easy to run. The draw-down is usually low, with only $1000 need to fund an account with three charts. This EA is probably more suited to a ranging market rather than a long trending market, but apart from that it seems to be a very robust and profitable EA.


      Senior Trader From Australia

      Truly deserved my honor! When I use the fully automated or semi-automated, no matter how often I make wrong trading analysis the EA back-up strategy system always creates my trade turns making them cumulatively profitable. The averaging and hedging system is so magical beyond my imagination, I never worry about losing trades. I enjoy the fact that regardless of the trend, as long as l open a buy or sell order it MUST end in a profit. This is much Fun indeed! Thanks Guys! You Rock!

      Angie Casalena

      Expert Advisor Trader

      I’ve been trading since 2010 but I’ve never come across a magical tool like this. I happened to stumble on this robot when I was just about to give up on currency trading having lost so many millions to the Forex market. But ever since I started using Trading manager I haven’t lost even one single trade. My Account balance has grown by 60% in two weeks without opening even one trade manually. I’m now confidently connecting my platform to VPS. Furthermore, now the EA gives notification with sound and icon alert on the chart when my signal come, this is very useful for those who love the semi-manual strategy. This is undoubtedly the next big gun to take over the Forex world market. Whoever developed this monster is a true genius and deserves a global award. Customer service is the very best.

      Emma from East Africa

      Very Excited Trader

      As a professional trader, I understand how my strategy must keep adapting to current market conditions. How blissful I am with this tool. Now I can back-test different kinds of strategies effectively and efficiently before I applied it to my trades.

      Jean Adams

      Professional Forex Trader

      This EA makes my trading activity less time and energy consuming. Take profit and Stop loss is not my job anymore. Calculating lot and money management is now done automatically, further more all significant trading analysis is now available in one panel with a blink of color green for buying and red for selling.

      Sophie Williams

      Daily Traders

      I am a complete newbie in Forex industry, it is amazing that I can understand this tool and in fact helped me to be a better Forex trader, earning profit has not been much easier than this. Trading manager pro is very beneficial even for a beginner like me.

      Victor Harris

      Beginner Forex Trader

      Do you accept Bitcoin?

      Yes, we are accepting Bitcoin payment

      In case you wish to make payment with Bitcoin, here is our Bitcoin address:


      You are welcome to contact us to confirm before payment or asking any questions

      What is the recommended minimum deposit?

      Trading with this tool allows you to explore your own trading strategy thus we feel no right to limit your comfort style.

      For our fully auto default setting we do have minimum Deposit in manner of money management recommendation. We suggest a minimum $1000/0.01 lot or for cent account 10, 000cent/0.1centlot.

      What is the recommended broker and type of account?

      Our EA is compatible with any Forex broker and type of account that allows EA trading on its Metatrader 4 platform. If you wish to get another 5% discount for all of our products, you are welcome to join a broker via our affiliate link.

      How much is the monthly profit potential?

      With our Fully Automatic default setting, you can expect a monthly profit of around 20%. For other settings you wish to explore, it will be your freedom to set and expect your own result

      How will I receive the product?

      After you make a payment, email us your account number and your account name exactly as listed on your MT4 or simply make a screenshot of your mt4 and send it to us

      Do I need to use VPS?

      VPS is not a must when you use only the Basic strategy but it is strongly recommended if you wish to use averaging or hedging strategy. Here is a link for VPS recommendation.

      Do you support installation?

      The installation of our EA is as simple as copy and paste the file into your MT4 experts folder, it consist of only one file. If you have no experience and need our team to support your installation, we will be available through Team Viewer application at no cost.

      What is your refund policy?

      Before using our Expert Advisor, a trader must fully understand the highly speculative nature of the Forex market,
      as there is no single system nor strategy that can perfectly predict the market and win 100% of the time.

      Trading Manager Pro is a tool to help Forex traders trade with efficiency and become more profitable.
      it is a trader’s tool which contain unlimited variation of great system and strategies
      both ever invented and not yet invented and it is freely set by the trader.

      The trading strategy that our default setting uses is a strategy that could only be consistently and stably executed by a robot
      due to the extensive volume, speed, and complexity of data to analyze;
      which is assured the EA will support you greatly in trading and bring you great profit ahead

      As long as our system able to run in your account and fully functional,
      we take no responsibility on any loses caused by trading with Trading Manager Pro.


      We are Gladly Answering your Questions

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